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Reed Neurological Research Center
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Room 3149
Los Angeles, CA 90095
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We are hiring a Senior Biomedical Informatician

Senior Biomedical Informatician

A major objective of dementia research at the UCLA Easton Center is to understand the genetic risk factors for dementia and how genetics can be used to predict disease in clinical settings. We plan to achieve this by studying electronic health records (EHR) with genetics data. The programmer analyst will develop and evaluate dementia phenotypes from the EHR, apply and improve genetic and clinical risk scores that predict dementia phenotypes, assess risk score performance among different ancestries, and merge and harmonize datasets from multiple sources. The programmer analyst will use analytical techniques from genetics, biomedical informatics, computer science and statistics. These datasets include hundreds of thousands to millions of individuals. Analyses will be performed via local high performance clusters and cloud computing. 


Please contact Dr. Chang via email including a cover letter and professsional CV to discuss opportunities. We are a computational laboratory and perform wet lab experiments with collaborators. 
Graduate student are welcome to rotate and join the lab.
Undergraduates are welcome in the lab. Priority will be given to students who have programming experience and can commit at least 6 months.